Monday, August 9, 2010

Good nights sleep.

For those who can't sleep well during the night:
I pray that God is going to give you rest, so that you will feel refreshed in the morning.

God bless you all.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

I need your prayers.

I have a friend that used to be so close to God. She went to my church, she sang in the choir and helped with Sunday school. When her and her boyfriend broke up, she stopped going to church. She started hanging out with the wrong crowd, she's partying and drinking, and trying out drugs. Her parents are not aware of anything, although they were told about it.

She needs our prayers. She needs God again.

First Blog.

Hello, fellow Bloggers,
so before I get into the whole H-I-G-H (Hope I Get Help), I wanted to share why I decided to do it. If you read my description about me, I said that I wanted to help people out. The problem with that was, I didn't know where to start. So right now I'm praying to God that this will reach out to people. Even if its 60 or 600 people I can reach out too, I'll be thankful.

There are so many teens out there that need help, but they don't know where to go to. Whether they need help with school, their parents, a drug addiction or just staying in touch with God, they find themselves lost. So for those who need help, visit my blog from time to time, I'll do what I can to help.

Thats it for my first blog... soon is coming on the way. I PROMISE!
Take care and God Bless!